The only thing steamy in here is the coffee!

Fun with the Haunted Housekeeping Series!

Whether you’re waiting for the next book or just taking a little break from reading, here are some fun activities to help pass the time. Which one is your favorite? Email to let me know!

How Fast Can You Solve These Puzzles?

Do you love jigsaw puzzles as much as my family does? How fast can you solve the puzzles below?

R. A. Muth's Road Trip Playlist

Tori, Hazel, and Rune go from Maine to South Carolina in THE BATH BOMBED ZOMBIE, the fourth book in the Haunted Housekeeping Series. Here’s their road trip playlist. Which song is your favorite?

Captivating Crossword Puzzles

Can you solve this crossword puzzle using characters and terms from the Haunted Housekeeping Series?

The Bath Bombed Zombie

When Tori’s mom invites them to take part in her next wedding, Tori, Hazel, and Rune travel from Cooper’s Cove, Maine to Palmetto Crossroads, South Carolina.

Everything’s peachy-keen until the groom’s ex winds up dead in a coconut-scented spa bath–and Tori’s mom is the primary suspect.

Can Tori and the gang find the real killer before it’s time for her to walk her mother down the aisle? Or will her mom end up spending her honeymoon in jail?

Release date TBA in 2023!

HH Book 4

The only thing steamy in here is the coffee.

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