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Writing from the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia
Author Becky Muth

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Protecting Peyton Is Now Available in eBook and Print!

Her dog saved his life. Can he repay the debt by finding her missing brother?

Peyton McIntyre's brother is missing. Local police claim they're looking into it, but hope dwindles as the days continue to pass without any answers. Worse still, her only chance of finding him may depend on a rookie officer who sends her temper flaring and her heart quivering.

Kurt Collins is a fourth-generation police officer, but so far he hasn’t been able to live up to his family’s long legacy of service. When the infuriating and beautiful Peyton asks for his help, he wonders if she might hold the key to the recognition he craves. Last time they met, her dog, Gilda, saved his life. This time she just might be able save his reputation.

As they begin their search it appears that Peyton’s brother may not want to be found. Unfortunately, failing to complete this assignment could risk both Kurt’s career and any chance he has at winning Peyton's heart. Is a happy ending even possible, or will Peyton and Kurt both lose everything before they’re through?

Find out if Gilda can make another rescue by helping her humans beat the ticking clock and discover that their hearts are better together than apart. This sweet tale of suspense and finding what matters is one you’ll want to hold onto… 

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