The only thing steamy in here is the coffee!

A Quirky Southern Cozy Mystery

Nell inherited a mansion and new witchy powers in picturesque Pawleys Island, South Carolina. But her newfound fortune comes with a price. She’s charged with caring for Jean-Pierre, a giant Maine Coon with an even bigger cattitude. Oh, and he talks – with a French accent, no less.

When someone silences their outspoken neighbor and all fingers point to Nell as the primary suspect, it’s up to Nell and Jean-Pierre to find the real culprit. At the risk of Nell being arrested and Jean-Pierre being shipped off to the nearest animal shelter, they can’t afford to fail.

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Love, Laughter, and Lattes

Book One in the Brewing Up Love Series

She gave up on romance, and that’s when she met Mr. Perfect.

When Vivian Hart loses her job and her apartment on the same day, her mom volunteers for her to spend the summer cat sitting for her aunt in New York City. Vivian has hardly stepped off the plane when her aunt introduces her to Sawyer, a charming barista. Although Vivian swore off romance until finding a new career, she can’t resist accepting his offer to show her around the city.

Sawyer Nash has lofty goals of performing on the stage. Whenever he’s not performing or rehearsing, he’s working oodles of part-time jobs to make ends meet. The moment his path crosses with Vivian’s, it’s love at first sight for this Broadway bachelor. But hearing about her heartbreaking past makes Sawyer want to prove to this sweet southern girl that all men were not created equal.

Can Sawyer’s friendship convince Vivian that she’ll achieve her goals faster with him at her side, and in her heart?

Author’s note: This book was originally published as No Time for Lattes by Sweet Promise Press. Although editorial changes have been made to change some names that exist within the original series, the core story is the same with a guaranteed sweet HEA.

The Bath Bombed Zombie

Book Four in the Haunted Housekeeping Series

Will this blushing bride spend her wedding day behind bars?

When Tori’s mother announces her engagement, Tori, Rune, and Hazel head to South Carolina for the wedding. Glad for a break from solving crimes in Cooper’s Cove, they look forward to a vacation in the sunny south.

But once they arrive, the pre-wedding preparations have hardly begun when Tori discovers her future stepfather’s ex-girlfriend–and the police suspect the bride of committing the heinous crime.

Can Tori solve the murder and clear her mother’s name, or will the bride spend her wedding day behind bars?

Author’s Note: The Bath Bombed Zombie is the fourth quirky cozy mystery in the hilarious Haunted Housekeeping Series. Reading this book first will reveal spoilers about earlier books in the series, but it can be read as a standalone novel as the mystery is complete with zero cliffhangers.

The Haunted Housekeeping Series

Myrtle Beach Melodies

Amelia understands the risks of picking up strangers on the highway, but when she encounters a rain-soaked hitchhiker with a guitar, her compassionate nature prevails. When their chance meeting turns into navigating an hours-long traffic jam, their connection deepens.

Hudson’s hopes of reaching his music gig in time are dashed when his truck breaks down on the highway. His luck changes when a cute girl offers him a ride. They reach the venue in the nick of time and Amelia is on her way, but not before giving Hudson her number.

But fate has other plans in store for this couple. After months of miscommunications and near-misses, will Hudson’s music ever harmonize with the melody in Amelia’s heart, or will their love song remain unfinished?

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The only thing steamy in here is the coffee!

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