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Author Becky Muth

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If Maggie Sawyer knew her coffee addiction would lead to witnessing a murder, she'd have stayed home and steeped tea instead.


Thirteen ghost stories, each set in a different state in the Appalachian region of the United States.

Haunted Women Tales

Here you'll find anthologies containing my short fiction as well as my standalone titles, like Candy Cane Christmas.

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Now available in both ebook and print versions!

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Reviews from Readers Like You

ELYSSA'S GIFT 5-Star Review

Elyssa’s Gift is a treasure to read!!!

Loved this book!!! You will fall in love with the young girls in this book and the story was excellent. I highly recommend it. I loved the cover too. From the cover you can tell the girls have a great time together and an adventure too. You will have to read the book to find out what happens on their adventure. I’ve read other books by Becky Muth and have enjoyed all of them. I know you will enjoy them too. 



Great Short Story

I have had this short story on my Kindle for several months and don't know what took me so long to read it! The setting is in one of my most favorite places on earth. I loved the way it moved from the present into the lives of people in that town in the past. Becky's descriptive writing puts you right there. 

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DEAR DIARY 5-Star Review

Great Book!!! Must Read!!!

Loved this book and I highly recommend it. Once you start reading it you won’t be able to put it down. Love how the author descriptions make you feel you are in the story experiencing it with the people not just reading about the people. I fell in love with them. You will love this book. 

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Love Beyond Time

Loved grandpa!!! Life is short and we should spend time with the ones we love. A touch of magic and a romance with a hea. Sweet read.

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ROAD TRIP 5-Star Review

Hauntings to Enjoy

I love reading about haunts. I can remember listening to the tales of haunts when I was a child. Southeast Kentucky must be full of ghosts because I heard and still hear tales of haunts that are sworn to be true. I can remember riding in my aunts car with my cousins and going to see the haunted barn and the old haunted schoolhouse in the holler. They are among my most treasured memories. Road Trip takes me back to my roots. I enjoyed this book so much I was sad that it ended. I must have more...The ghosts of my youth and beyond still live today! 

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From a Beta Reader/Reviewer

In Protecting Peyton, Author Becky Muth successfully creates a cozy romance where Gilda, a search and rescue golden retriever, has as much personality and character as her human counterparts.  Not a typical romance, the reader will find themselves invested in not only the underlying romantic tension of the story but also eager to discover what Peyton learns about her brother and herself along the way to romance. 

available in both ebook and print versions

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