We’d Like to Talk to You About Your Car’s Extended Warranty


This book is a compilation of how the author used mischief to fight against the unnaturally high number of scam calls she received after she started working from home.



“We’d like to talk to you about your car’s extended warranty.” – Millions of scammers every day

After yet another telephone scammer interrupted her workday, writer Becky Muth decided to have some fun with them. She began crafting stories. Unlike the ones in her books, these were off-the-cuff tales from the tip of her tongue to the ears of the scammers.

Some good-natured scammers enjoyed the off-key singing and terrible accents. Others had more unfortunate reactions. And this book contains it all. This collection of transcribed snippets features the best and funniest phone calls Becky Muth has received over the past few years.

A billion scam calls are made in the US each week alone. If you’ve ever found yourself on the receiving end and enjoy harmless fun, then get this book and prepare to laugh until your sides hurt! You might just find yourself picking up the phone the next time it rings.


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