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Writing from the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia
Author Becky Muth

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Standalone Titles and Anthologies



Spanning a range of genres, the stories contained within this anthology carry a haunting theme that are sure to send shivers down your spine. Learn more on The Mountain Scribes website.

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She wants to put their relationship on pause for the holidays. A run-in with a stranger helps him decide how to respond to her request. This sweet, short story ends in a heartwarming HEA.

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Tweens looking for adventure during summer vacation find more than they bargained for when they stumble upon a cabin in the woods. Little do they know that a message from the past awaits.

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Peyton McIntyre's brother is missing. Local police claim they're looking into it, but they lack the time and resources to do the kind of in-depth investigation she feels the case deserves. As a last resort, Peyton reaches out to Officer Kurt Collins, a handsome policeman who sends her temper flaring and her heart quivering. Too bad the last time she encountered the handsome policeman, he scolded her and her dog for saving his life.

Kurt Collins is a fourth-generation police officer. He dreams of achieving his goal of becoming a detective but can't pass the test. He knows he has the skills and when Peyton asks for help finding her brother, he jumps at the chance. He just needs her help with a problem of his own. If Peyton pretends to be his girlfriend to stave off unwanted attention, he put all of his attention on finding her brother… and some on winning her heart.

As they begin their search it appears that Peyton’s brother may not want to be found. And disappearance may not be the only fraud he’s accused of committing. Failing to complete this assignment could risk Kurt losing his career, and any chance he has at winning Peyton's heart. Can these two solve this case, clear the McIntyre name, and find a way into each other's arms?

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