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Writing from the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia
Author Becky Muth

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Haunted Women Tales


 Vanessa and Nick are en route to Washington, D.C. to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, but their differences threaten to ruin the weekend before it has a chance to begin.

When an accident further up the tracks leaves their train temporarily stranded in Harpers Ferry National Park, a chance meeting with the town's most iconic resident offers insight into a bit of local history.

Will a poignant message from the past help put the newlyweds' future back on track, or are they destined to derail? 

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This collection includes tales set in...

  • Georgia where teens learn the dangers of distracted driving on their first solo trip down the interstate

  • Kentucky where a visit to her partner's hometown teaches a grad student more than she wished to learn for her Appalachian History thesis

  • New York where a woman hopes New York holds the answer to a family mystery, and maybe the antidote for her broken heart

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This collection includes tales set in...

  • Pennsylvania where a couple's plan to flip a house forces them to rethink everything they thought they knew

  • Alabama where a young girl receives an epistle from an unlikely source that gives her new hope for the future

  • Mississippi where two cousins find a box of old letters filled with scandal, intrigue, and a confession that gives them a new perspective about their own relationships

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This collection includes tales set in...

  • Maryland where Halloween hijinks set a couple of mischievous cousins on a more straight and narrow path

  • Ohio where a firefighter with a fear of ghosts must put his hesitations aside if he's going to succeed at his job - and possibly save a life

  • Virginia where a young man spends the whole night talking to an enchanting young woman, but later wonders if he imagined the entire encounter

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This collection includes tales set in...

  • North Carolina where three frat boys' search for an urban legend puts them face-to-face with the paranormal

  • South Carolina where newlyweds trace the centuries-old steps of another couple whose fate is still debated amongst locals and tourists alike

  • Tennessee where a single mother and her teenage son use a lesson from the past to help cope with a future neither of them could have anticipated

Coming september 2018

All 13 tales will soon be available as a single collection in both print and audio. Keep an eye on this space for more information.

Do You "Read" on Audio?


Narrated by the amazingly talented Jennifer Gilmour, the audiobook version of Screaming Jenny puts you right in the middle of the story.

I hope you enjoy this narration of my fictional spin on an authentic Appalachian legend from my hometown of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.