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Writing from the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia
Author Becky Muth

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Mystery Box Giveaway

You could win books, swag, and more!

Here's why I started giving away my books...

Reading is my favorite hobby. Ebooks have helped me save space on my bookshelves, but there's nothing like holding a paperback in your hands.

When I finish a book, it sits around collecting dust until I put it in the back of my car. Then it rides around for months until I get around to dropping it off at the nearest thrift store.

One day a reader said, "I wish I lived close enough to trade books with you." That one sentence inspired me to do this monthly giveaway and so far, all the feedback has been positive.

So, each month, I'll hold a contest where one lucky winner will win at least one gently used paperback book in their choice of genre and some promotional swag.

If you have any questions about the giveaway (or anything else) please direct them to author@beckymuth.com.