Do you like things that go bump in the night?


Do you like ghost stories? Growing up in the 1980s, we didn’t have a lot of fancy technology. That meant a lot of time making up stories for our own entertainment.

It also helped that we lived a stone’s throw from one of the most haunted towns on the east coast – Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. In fact, I still live here, about seven miles from the house where I grew up.

In the early 1990s, friends invited my husband and me to join them on the Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry. Those stories stayed with me, so much that I relayed many of them to our sons when they started asking for spooky stories.

And that long-ago ghost tour was definitely in the back of my mind when I wrote SCREAMING JENNY and the other Haunted Women Tales. There’s just something about the supernatural that sends a tingle down your spine, isn’t there?

But hey, you can check it out for yourself! Grab a copy and start reading today!

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