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Writing from the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia
Author Becky Muth

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Pampered Pooches? We've Got Plenty.



This was the puppy who started it all. She came to us in February 2008 and went over the Rainbow Bridge in June 2013. Having fused with her twin in the womb, she battled a host of medical issues. She was my best friend, and the best dog ever.



Our gentle giant arrived in May 2009. His original vet failed to detect an issue with his heart and, as a result, he went over the Rainbow Bridge in October 2013. He loved snow so very, very much. We were devastated to lose him and miss him still.



Our short-legged girl showed up on our doorstep in June 2013, a couple of weeks before we lost Gingerbelle. A blend of Corgi and Rottweiler, her spring-loaded legs helped her maneuver her chunky body into the trash can on multiple occasions.



In August 2013, we were second on the list to foster Gracie, who is part Plott Hound and part Yellow Lab, "until she found a better home". A late evening call on a Friday found us driving three hours in one direction to get her and bring her home. She's the bossiest!



Shortly after we lost Gideon, we were second on the list to foster Sookie, who is part Catahoula Leopard and part Pit Bull. Although she has some brain trauma and prone to seizures as a result of her rough start in life, she's the sweetest dog we've ever had the pleasure to know.



After losing Gingerbelle, I wasn't sure I could stand losing my heart to another golden girl, but then Cinnamon arrived in May 2013 and I haven't looked back. She's the silliest, most playful dog ever!

I'd love to hear about your pets!