The Word on the Street

“The Word on the Street” is a Sesame Street podcast designed to expand children’s vocabulary. One thing I like about this show is that they explain things on a kid-friendly level without dumbing down the information. Take for instance the song at the 2:02 mark in the video below. The lyrics include the following phrases:

  • sneaky alligator I can spy on
  • sorcerer with secret magic potions
  • turn the pages, see the pictures, read the writing

Needless to say, my favorite episode of “The Word on the Street” is the one about the word “author”, which I’ve shared below.

So much of Sesame Street was written with young readers in mind. Even the non-reading subjects (Remember that song about numbers with pinball machine graphics?) aim to educate the viewer.

This episode also features Lauren Graham, who is one of my favorite actresses. I actually watched her in Parenthood before I ever saw the first episode of Gilmore Girls, which I binged — and then binged again along with the new episodes on Netflix last fall.

Like Lauren Graham, I’ve always loved to write stories. I never thought I’d write a romance for a Kindle Worlds series, however. The process of writing LOVE’S SILVER LINING was an intense 11 days, and I’m glad to have had more time to write my new book, LOVE’S SERENADE.

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