Does Your Romance Need a HEA?

HEA stands for “happily ever after” and most romances wrap things up with the hero and heroine figuratively riding off into the sunset together. There has been some recent discussion, however, about whether or not romances need that happy ending for which they’re so well known.


In LOVE’S SILVER LINING, Caroline Mason thinks that nothing can destroy her relationship with her husband, Tucker. Even when she learns of her husband’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, she’s ready to stand by her man. After all, she did promise to love him through sickness and health.

But then Tucker reveals a secret he’s been keeping for decades. It’s the kind of secret that, had she known about it when it happened, it could have destroyed any chance of the relationship they have now, much less an “HEA”.

(If you’ve read the book, please – no spoilers for those who haven’t yet caught up.)

After a friend read LOVE’S SILVER LINING, she asked me, “Why wasn’t she angrier? I would have been livid!” If my husband had told me this, I would have been livid, too. Like Caroline forgives Tucker, I hope that in time I could come to grips with it–although our relationship would never be the same afterward.

LSL dont you sweetheart me.png

Then Caroline learns the rest of the story, including details Tucker himself doesn’t know. She has to make some tough choices. Although LOVE’S SILVER LINING ends with the promise of an “HEA” for the Masons, that confession is going to come back to haunt them in the next book, LOVE’S GOLD MEDAL, which explores Emma’s relationship with Lincoln.

Do you believe in “HEA”, or happily ever after? Is it a dealbreaker if you read a romance that doesn’t end with the guy and girl professing true love for each other?

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2 Replies to “Does Your Romance Need a HEA?”

    1. Deep down, I think I’m a sucker for an HEA. Nicholas Sparks is the king of bittersweet endings. I couldn’t do that to my elderly couple in LOVE’S SILVER LINING, though. All of my paranormal stories have a touch of bittersweet, though. (Miss you!)

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