I Don’t Do Mornings


When I turned 16, my dad bought me a t-shirt with Garfield on the front. He rarely picked out my gifts, much less clothing, so it was kind of a big deal. I loved the opinionated orange cat. (Hmm. Maybe that’s why I put one in LOVE’S SILVER LINING?) This particular shirt proclaimed I DON’T DO MORNINGS.

You see, I came into the world at 11:47 p.m. and have been a night owl ever since. No matter how old I get, I have a habit of fighting sleep like a toddler at nap time. Most of the sunrises I’ve seen have been because I never went to sleep the night before.

A lot of my friends, including my accountability partner Audrey from The Write Services, are morning people. When they ask if we can do breakfast, I often negotiate for brunch instead. When I meet up with other authors from the Sprints and Spirits group on Facebook on Saturday nights for online writing sprints (where we all write for a set amount of time, like twenty minutes, with little bits of chatter in between) I’m often the last one standing–unless I spend the day at a conference and fall asleep mid-sprint that night.

garfield i don't do mornings

After everyone else goes to bed, the house is quiet. The only sounds are the fan (or heater, depending on the season) and canine snoring (and sometimes hubby’s snoring). I can listen to music through my headphones and write until I can’t hold my eyes open without interruption or distraction.

So what about you? Are you an early bird or a night owl? And how do you manage to cope with friends with opposite schedules?

P.S. Sprints and Spirits is a Facebook group that’s free to join – no strings or obligations. Sign up now and hang out with me on Saturday night!


9 Replies to “I Don’t Do Mornings”

  1. Becky, we must be kindred spirits. I’m not sure if any of the sunrises I have seen are because I woke up in time to see them. I consider midnight early as in, “I don’t know why I am so tired today, I went to bed early just around midnight.”

  2. I’m a little bit if both. I don’t like to wake up, but once I do, I like to get things done. It is also when my energy is at its peak. However, sometimes, I get the urge to write at night or can’t sleep, so instead of wasting time griping in my head that I can’t fall asleep, I get up and write 😁

    1. This morning I woke up at 6 AM and decided I would try to see what working in the morning was like. After about an hour the dog, who scowled at me the entire time, and I went back to bed for a morning nap. It just didn’t work out. I often take a notebook to bed with me and write past my bedtime. It works as long as I can read my handwriting.

    1. I totally hear you! Before mine retired, he was a career firefighter. He was up at 4 AM and out the door less than an hour later. He’s also the responsible one while I lean toward mischief and fun. There’s never a dull moment around here. (And no, he totally doesn’t get my night owl-ish-ness, either.)

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