Greetings from Sweet Grove, Texas

Greetings From Sweet Grove

You won’t find Sweet Grove, Texas on a map because it lives in the upcoming First Street Church romance series for Kindle Worlds. It also lives in the hearts of existing fans of Melissa Storm’s books that served as the basis for the novellas written by other authors.

On July 19th, LOVE’S SILVER LINING, my first-ever romance novella, will debut as part of the inaugural launch. I know what you’re thinking.

But I thought you wrote mysteries?

You know what? I asked myself the same thing. Then my husband made a very good point.

“Doesn’t your friend Wendy write mysteries and romances?” He asked, proving that he does actually listen when I tell him about my fellow author friends.

And he’s right. Wendy Corsi Staub writes spine-tingling thrillers under her own name and chick lit under a pseudonym, Wendy Markham. In fact, one of her romances, HELLO, IT’S ME, is now a Hallmark movie!

Although I won’t be using a pseudonym, you will find all the Kindle Worlds books on my Amazon author page.

In the weeks to come, I’ll share more details.

P.S. VIP Readers get exclusive content, recipes, and more. If you aren’t signed up, head over to my Facebook author page and click the “Newsletter” link.


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