The End of an Era

While that title might suggest this post is about politics or some other aspect of human nature, it refers to an event so life-altering that yesterday found me in tears on more than one occasion.


My Keurig died.

It was more than a coffee maker. It has sentimental value from a time in my life that I will never, ever get back. It was there for me during some of the most poignant times of the past five years…

…through deaths of family members (including Gingerbelle, my beloved Golden Retriever)
…when my sons graduated high school, started driving, and working jobs with crazy hours
…during the series finales of television shows like Downton Abbey, Parenthood, and Mike & Molly

You get the idea.

I know, like Celine Dion promises, that my heart will go on. Cinnamon the Golden Retriever keeps me company while I write. Sons who drive can bring home $1 iced coffee from McDonalds. Television shows like Victoria, This Is Us, and (very soon but not soon enough) Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life will sustain my entertainment addiction…for now.

Although there will be other coffee makers (hopefully another Keurig because nothing else fits my lifestyle like this machine), I will always think fondly on my Keurig B60 Special Brewing System.

Until I publish a bestselling novel or hit the lottery, the plan is to save spare change until I can afford the Keurig 119435 KFF Coffee Maker in rhubarb red to match the rest of the small appliances in my kitchen.

Wish me luck.


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