Life Is Stranger than Fiction

Have you ever heard the old saying, truth is stranger than fiction? If you ever doubt the validity of that statement, then just head over to Facebook.

Authors wear many hats. Mine include writer, beta reader, and most recently social media manager for The Write Services, home of the Instagram for Authors course. This means I spend a lot of time on social media, whether it’s scheduling posts or cruising my newsfeed for interesting content.

Sex Pigs Halt Traffic After Laser Attack on Pokemon Teens

I kid you not, that was the title of the news article Neil Gaiman shared a couple of weeks ago. Apparently a couple of Swedish kids were out playing Pokemon when they ran upon a pig mask-wearing couple. The couple shot lasers at the kids. Later drivers saw the same couple having sex by a waterwheel.

“It can’t get any stranger than this,” I thought, mind reeling as I pondered why anyone might do this.

But Wait There’s More

The PEOPLE ALSO SHARED feature on Facebook gives you an idea of what else is trending among users of the social media giant. The pig mask-wearing couple sounded like something out of the movie Deliverance. As I scrolled down, I felt relieved that West Virginia didn’t hold a monopoly on weird happenings.

people also shared

Then I saw the third item in the list.

Oh well. At least it makes for interesting speculation that may someday show up in my short stories.

I’d love to hear what interesting, true things you’ve found in the news. Let me hear all about it in the comments!


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