Get Your Tail Outta Here

Last Thursday, after breaking my finger playing Pokemon Go, I checked the news headlines only to read about another tragedy. Then I came home to find poor Captain Jack had dropped his tail.

Crested geckos aren’t like their cousin species. If they drop their tail, it’s for good. They don’t grow it back. Through the years crested enthusiasts coined the term “frog butt” for a gecko in Jack’s situation. This is because the tailless hind end resembles the backside of a polliwog.

Speaking of polliwogs, I caught a polliwag in Pokemon Go. It’s the most adorable thing ever, as far as fictional creatures go.

That reminds me, my current story has a fictional creature; it’s a door knocker which resembles an evil gargoyle. While he doesn’t have a tail, he does roll his eyes and sigh a lot. It’s too bad the current characters have yet to notice.

But they will, when the time is right. I can’t wait to find out what he says to them.


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