There’s a Pokemon in My Sink


First thing Monday morning I walked into the kitchen only to find a Venovat staring back at me. That’s right – a Venovat! As the little monster danced around in front of me, there was only one option; I swiped my finger across the iPhone screen to smack him with a Pokeball.

Have you played this Pokemon Go thing? It’s crazy. I find myself going outside at weird times; taking the dog out is a great excuse.

Because I’m pretty active on Facebook, it didn’t take long for people to find out about my new hobby. The two questions I’ve been asked most frequently are:

What Is Pokemon Go?
Pokemon Go is a smartphone app. Think of it this way – if Pokemon and geocaching had a baby, it would be this app.

Why Do You Have Pokemon Go?
Pokemon Go gets you up, out of your chair, and outside to “catch ’em all” as the slogan urges. This forces me to take breaks from my laptop. I spent more time outside in the first 48 hours after downloading it than I had all summer to that point combined.

The app also gives me a common bond with my kids. This past Sunday instead of being inside on their laptops, the Xbox, etc., my teenagers and their friends spent over an hour outside in the sunshine catching Pokemon.

Every evening we talk about our day – who we talked to, where we went, and of course who caught the best Pokemon. Unanswered texts have been replaced with screen shots of rare finds. (Yesterday I was the first in my family to catch Pikachu. YES!)

Getting outside is a big challenge for many writers. You could take your laptop outside but often the glare from the sun makes the experience more annoying than productive. Even if there’s no glare – you’re still sitting and you’re probably not interacting with others.

Here are some surprising benefits of Pokemon Go:

  • PASSIVE CARDIO – Pokemon Go forces you to walk around – often outside where the Pokemon creatures surround your house. Walking is what I like to call passive cardio. After my husband’s heart attack a few months ago, the one thing all of his doctors agreed on was that walking was the best thing you could do for your heart.
  • SOCIAL INTERACTIONS – If you go to a local park or community center, which are hotbeds of activity, then you could meet other people – which helps you promote your books through word-of-mouth advertising in a conversational tone.
  • GET SOME VITAMIN D – You need fresh air and sunshine to survive. That’s just how it is. Being outside increases brain function – which definitely can’t hurt if you’re a writer.
  • LEARN HISTORY – Historical markers are another popular site for Pokestops, where you can get more Pokeballs and eggs. Local history can inspire your next short story or novel, or maybe you can work that bit of trivia into your current project.
  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY – Taking breaks during your workday can increase your level of productivity. A “quick break” to check social media or read the news can throw you into a rabbit hole of endless time-wasting opportunities. Pokemon Go gives you the chance to catch a few Pokemon, which gives you a feeling of accomplishment and a better frame of mind for returning to writing.

If other people tell you Pokemon Go is a kids’ game and you’re just wasting your time, then inform them about the benefits of playing.

Download the app if you haven’t already and start playing. It’s a fun distraction that won’t eat up valuable writing time. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments.

P.S. Much to the chagrin of my teenagers, I also powered up Pikachu. Muhaha.

pikachu power


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