Why I Dislike Fireworks

It’s not that I dislike fireworks so much as the loud noises associated with them. Because I live in a rural area we also get the super fun enjoyment of hearing shotgun blasts; our neighbors’ way of celebrating, well, anything really.

Cinnamon, my Golden Retriever

This is Cinnamon, my Golden Retriever. She just turned a year old in April so there’s a lot of puppy left in her. Last year when the fireworks started, she was content to curl up in my arms and sleep through most of it.

Like Gingerbelle, her predecessor, it didn’t take long for her to develop an aversion to loud things – thunder, gunshots, and fireworks to name a few. You can imagine how this might affect the upcoming holiday.

Did I mention I live in a rural area? The good thing is no homeowner’s association telling you what to do with your property. The bad thing is no homeowner’s association to enforce things like, “Please don’t make loud noises that scare my dog, especially after a reasonable hour like, oh say, 11pm.”

The occasional firecracker has already started. I can only imagine what’s in store for the weekend.

Do you have pets? How do they handle fireworks?


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