A couple of days ago author David Bell (SINCE SHE WENT AWAY) posted an article he wrote for Signature Reads called 5 Missing Persons  Cold Cases That Will Leave You Chilled. It’s an apt title because I seriously had chills by the time I finished reading.

The story that haunted me most was that of the Beaumont children. David writes:

People under a certain age, forty or so, would find it hard to believe that a mother would allow her three children ages four, seven, and nine to hop on a bus and ride to the beach without any adults along. But Australian Nancy Beaumont did just that in 1966. The three children were spotted at the beach by numerous witnesses, but they never came home. The children have never been found, and it’s one of those cases that changed the way we all live and raise our families.

What the ever-living what? Unable to imagine allowing my own boys to ride public transport to a crowded beach without adult supervision at a young age, I had to know more. Off I went to my trusty fact-checking friend, Wikipedia, who said:

Jane, the eldest child, was considered responsible enough to care for the two younger siblings, and their parents were not concerned. They left home at 10 am and were expected to return home by 2 pm. Their parents became worried when they had not returned and called the police at 7:30 pm.

If you’re interested in missing persons cases at all, it’s worth perusing the Wikipedia page on this one. Between the conflicting information and the possibly related cases, make sure you grab a refill on your coffee before heading that way. You could be there a while.

And you can read a free excerpt of SINCE SHE WENT AWAY by David Bell on his website.


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