Multi-Day Festival Update and Guess Who Got a Byline

Before the Rain
After the Rain

The festival was our most successful one yet. We increased our goal, met it, then increased it again. Unfortunately an incredible monsoon-like rain came through to end things about 90 minutes early.

Despite the wind and rain upending our displays, only four or five items need minor touch-ups. Our products not only survived, but they showed us how they’ll hold up to normal rainy conditions when used by the people who buy them. The rain beaded right up on the finishing wax coating we use to seal the products.

The event coordinators invited us to participate in their next event, which they hold in the fall. We look forward to that as well as the other festivals lined up for the rest of 2016.

Now about my writing. Oh yeah, that.

I spent the past week catching up on work for my clients. Freelance writers are no strangers to short-term clients. I feel incredibly blessed to have just celebrated four years with the same one. There have been other clients who have come and gone during that time, but this couple is top notch and I enjoy the assignments.

One of my newer clients, who quickly became a favorite, is a local magazine. The articles are interesting. I get to go out and meet people from other local businesses. The best part is seeing my byline under the title of the article.

(I’m totally serious! I’m not humble about it at all, either. I tell everyone I see, “Look! That’s my name! I wrote this!” Including the nurses in the heart cath lab waiting room after my husband’s heart attack, when I by chance saw my byline in print in a physical copy of the magazine for the first time.)

But I digress. I think the byline makes me feel like a legitimate writer. When someone asks, “Did your book ever get published?” I can reply with, “Did you see ALL THE ARTICLES I’VE WRITTEN for this magazine?! It’s a lot of them!” Seriously. It’s like, the Alot of articles.

Speaking of my book, it’s time to get back to it!


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