My Side Hobby

Aside from being a writer, a mom, and a wife, I also help with my family’s arts and crafts business, Hammerhead Woodcrafts.

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My husband built the seat for this chair with reclaimed wood. How cool is that?

Almost four years ago today, my husband was working as a career firefighter when, during a training exercise, he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. He waited a few minutes and tried to repeat the motion when the pain returned, worse than the first time.

An MRI revealed a lot of medical terminology that I won’t pretend to understand. This resulted in surgery, a plethora of physical therapy sessions, and his receiving disability retirement nearly two years later.

After he retired, he was home every day. As a freelance writer, I’m home every day. We were both home. Every. Day.

Guess what we did every day. (No, no that, we have teenagers, for goodness’ sake.) We played Xbox. We played a lot of Xbox. Call of Duty Ghosts to be exact. When it started interfering with my work, I knew it called for drastic action.

I bought the man some tools. He threw himself into traditional archery, his favorite hobby, making bows, arrows, quivers, and satchels. He also tried his hand at making paracord bracelets. Then I finished a spectacular writing job and bought a machine for cutting vinyl stencils.

We were already toying with the idea of using pallet wood and other reclaimed materials to make signs. Our friends from Mrs. Sasquatch’s Barefoot Studio (who live in our neighborhood) were the epitome of encouragement. We joined Facebook groups where we learned insider tips. Before we knew it, we were scheduled to do a show.

Now we’re on the cusp of doing our first multi-day event. In addition to signs, we also sell two styles of bottle openers, pallet wood coasters, furniture that we refinish in our eclectic and quirky style, and decorative boxes.

We’re excited, and a little nervous. What if we sell out of everything the first day? Or what if we don’t sell anything at all? And what if it pours down rain the entire time? The only way we’ll find out is by attending the event. Pardon me while I go check the forecast!


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