Welcome to the official website for Becky Muth, the award-winning author of HAUNTED WOMEN OF THE APPALACHIANS, a collection of short stories in the final phase of editing. Then I’ll send it into the big, wide world where it can find the right publisher to take it to the next phase of becoming a bestselling anthology.

As a lifelong resident of West Virginia’s scenic Eastern Panhandle, storytelling comes second nature. I love telling stories – in particular ones which involve real events…especially when, like an episode of Seinfeld, everything ties together at the end. (Remember the one about proctology?)

Some of my earliest memories include visiting grandparents who always had a tale to share. These stories about family, including ancestors I’d never met, inspired me to trace my family tree.

While researching my paternal grandmother’s family, the Browns from North Carolina, I received an email from The Moonlit Road, a site containing Southern ghost stories, folktales, myths, and legends. This email featured a tale about The Ghost Lights of Brown Mountain, North Carolina.

My imagination went into overdrive. What if…

  • …Brown Mountain was the area where my ancestors lived?
  • …the lights resulted from some legend dating back to Native American lore?
  • …the lights were the remaining spirits of two lovers spending eternity apart?
  • …I wrote a story based on the what if’s circling around inside my brain?
  • …I wrote a story for each state in the Appalachian region of the country?

NaNoWriMo was less than two months away, so I began researching that day. I wrote the first half of the stories during 2013’s event and finished during 2014.

In the time since the book went through a “light” professional edit, a beta read from an eagle-eyed fellow writer who shared priceless insights, and now, as mentioned above, is in the final stages of editing.

Enjoy a sample of Haunted Women for just 99 cents when you buy Screaming Jenny for eReaders on either Amazon or Smashwords.

My next project is a 3-book cozy mystery series set in the fictional town of Treasure Pines, North Carolina. The town’s founder, a debutante-turned-pirate who settled there a few generations ago,

Thanks for visiting my website! I can’t wait to share the next part of my journey with you.


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