Naked and Afraid from an Author’s Point of View

Have you seen Naked and Afraid? It’s a reality show on the Discovery Channel where two people (one male, one female) strip down to their birthday suits for a three week adventure in the forest.

If you know me outside of the internet, then you know I’m not the type of person who would take part in this type of show. That’s exactly how I feel, however, every time I put my writing out there for someone else to read. I click the “submit” button and suddenly my ego is fragile as an egg sitting within a nest built high in the treetops.

I feel both naked and afraid.

I’m not sure how better or worse that would be than cavorting about the woods for three weeks wearing nothing but my birthday suit accessorized with a canvas messenger bag. I can’t imagine the awkwardness of that situation.

And yet, I can clearly imagine it for my characters. Here’s an overview of how I think the main four characters of my Treasure Pines series might fare on Naked and Afraid:

  • Sam – He would do fine once he got past the lack of technology. All his Boy Scout training would come right back. Because he’s a single dad to a teenage son, he has a bit more modesty than his childhood friend, Ben. I could see him using the canvas sack like a kilt.
  • Maggie – She has a few pounds to lose and is extremely conscious about her appearance. While she could survive on grubs and plants for three weeks, her self-consciousness would be her downfall.
  • Ben – Maggie’s brother has no inhibitions. He’s a man’s man and has no problem killing animals to survive, cooking them in the wild, or making a salad of edible flowers. His only complaint would be that having to spend three weeks with another person would just slow him down.
  • Nell – Maggie’s best friend, she’s got the body of a personal trainer and the flawless skin of a model. She is very outdoorsy and loves sports. Her downfall would be her taste for fine dining and that bugs make her squeamish.

In the meantime, I won’t apply for Naked and Afraid any time soon. I’ll be in my home office where I’m happily Clothed and Comfortable.

Would you ever try out for the reality show? Or do you prefer to keep your wobbly bits safely hidden from inquiring minds? Let me know in the comments section!

While you think about it, here’s an SNL skit parodying the show which features Peter Dinklage who looks more ‘naked and annoyed’ than naked and afraid.


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