7 Reasons Why I Love Being Type B

The Type A and Type B personality metrics date back to the 1950s, and describes contrasting characteristics among people. Generally speaking, Type A’s are the successful go-getters while Type B people are slothful fun seekers. That’s not entirely true, however.

My to-do list looks more like many layers of subway graffiti art. My desk is rather messy, covered in piles of things I’ll get to…eventually. My schedule is as flexible as any master yogi.

The Type A people in my life ask, often with a look of sheer horror on their faces, “But doesn’t that bother you?

Absolutely not! I am Type B and loving it, and here’s why:

  • According to researchers, Type B people are more laid back and patient. That means less chronic stress and a healthier cardiovascular system. It doesn’t get me out of eating my vegetables or going to the gym, but it is a big plus.
  • Type B people are more fun, and we’re great at delegating. It means we’re more rested and less over-worked. We’re also more diplomatic, and more likely to compromise rather than take sides in disagreements between friends or co-workers.
  • We look at the big picture. Sure, we might overlook small details, but we Type B folks are looking on down the road, past today’s petty frustrations and on ahead to bigger and brighter goals.
  • Type B’s use failure as a learning tool. Don’t get me wrong. We love success as much as anyone, but if we have to take a step back then we use what we learned to bounce back and try again.
  • We are positive people. We try to see the good in everyone. Because of this, we are more likely to give someone a second chance. Or maybe even a third. We’re awesome that way.
  • Type B folks are creative. Look at us. We’re comfortable in our chaos and thrive under looming deadlines.
  • We live in the moment and enjoy every minute of life. There’s something about a Type B person that puts other people at ease no matter what their personality types.

I’m pretty content being a Type B, even if my Type A husband and I butt heads now and again. And Maggie Sawyer, the main character of my first Treasure Pines mystery series is fairly Type B as well.

What type are you? Are you a well-organized Type A who loves structure and organization? Are you a creative Type B with a free spirit that goes with the flow? Maybe you’re a little bit of both. Let me know in the comments section, below. I’d love to hear your take on it!


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