On Sherlock and Siblings

Did you see “The Abominable Bride” episode of Sherlock? My family loved it so much that we saved the DVR’ed episode to watch again on Sunday afternoon with one of the neighborhood kids.

The first time I watch something, I’m almost always multitasking. #TheStruggleIsReal as a dear friend would say. The second time around I pick up on all the details I missed before.

What I Noticed While Watching the Second Time

This time I picked up more details about the relationship between Mycroft and Sherlock. From the introduction of these characters in “A Study in Pink” it is clear they have a love-hate relationship. Despite their snarky barbs directed at each other, we learn Mycroft has his younger brother under surveillance.

During this most recent episode we once again see Mycroft let down his guard about his true feelings for his brother when he says, “I was there for you before. I’ll be there for you again. I will always be there for you.” Why wouldn’t want Mycroft for a big brother? (Okay, fine. There is the surveillance bit.)

5 Sibling Pairs from Fiction

Here is a list of other popular sibling pairs from fictional sources, be it book, film, or some other medium:

  1. Jem and Scout – If you do not love this brother-sister duo from To Kill a Mockingbird, then I am not sure we can be friends. (Fine, we can still be friends. We just won’t discuss this.) And to avoid giving away spoilers from Go Set a Watchman, I won’t say any more about them.
  2. Luke and Leia – There I was, eleven years old, wondering if Luke and Leia would get married when all of a sudden it’s revealed they’re brother and sister. What the Ewok? That’s a plot twist that will live on for several generations.
  3. Cain and Abel – The original siblings straight from the Biblical tale, these brothers have inspired some of the best sibling rivalries ever to pop up in fiction, whether vintage classics or references from current pop culture.
  4. Zan and Jayna – One Saturday morning during my childhood I was watching Superfriends, when Jayna turned into this giant eagle, and Zan turned into a bucket of water which Gleek carried while riding atop Jayna’s back. I guess you had to be there, but it really made me wish I had a wonder twin who shared a super power with me.
  5. Elizabeth and Jane – On the surface, you might think these sisters from Pride & Prejudice, who could not be more opposite, would rival with Mary and Edith from Downton Abbey for the Most Competitive Siblings award. They actually get along well, and meddle in each other’s affairs for helpful reasons.

The world has no shortage of siblings. While Sherlock won’t return until 2017 (The horrors!) we’ll at least see a few more weeks of Downton before it wraps up. Here’s one of our first looks at Mycroft Holmes.

Who are your favorite fictional siblings? How do they stand up to your real-life siblings, or the siblings of other people you know? Let’s chat about it below!


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