Why I’ve Never Been a Gilmore Girl

For whatever reason, I never watched Gilmore Girls when it was on the air. I had a few friends who were rather obsessed with the show, but I never had any desire to watch it.

In early May, 2015 all that changed. My guys had tickets for a two-day concert at a venue near Baltimore, Maryland. While they spent two days and evenings listening to a myriad of musical acts, I was “stuck” at the hotel with my laptop. Because the hotel television had HDMI capabilities, I hooked straight into the set and fired up my laptop’s dual screen technology feature. Within a few minutes, I was perusing Netflix for something to watch, and quickly settled on Gilmore Girls.

Hooked from the Start

The first episode hooked me. I could relate to Lorelai, the main character, and her disastrous relationship with her parents. I could relate to her passion for her career. I could relate to her having a close friend who was not only a baker, but also a redhead.

But one thing I could not relate to was her relationship with her daughter. I have two sons, and there is a less than 1% chance I will ever have a third child by natural means. Sure, I could foster or adopt a girl but to be perfectly honest, I’m happy with two kids.

The Perks of a Male Dominant Family

Having two boys means I can get family four-packs to concerts, amusement parks, and other special events. I can tag along with my boys to drop a pole in the water on a sunny afternoon, or I can sit home in the peace and quiet of our home with our quartet of canines while they rock out to their favorite bands.

Another perk of having two boys is they are almost completely out of the snarky teenager phase of life. At ages recently-turned-18 and darned-near-17, they are young men who almost always treat me with kindness and respect.

My boys may never desire to spend a day shopping with me, but they know how to order my favorite coffee, hold doors open for me, and refer to me as ma’am when it counts. I may never trade cosmetics tips with them or have them accompany me on a trip to the hair dresser, but I can count on them to take extra shifts of dog walking and provide extra hugs when I’m PMSing.

Hope for the Future

This is not only a show about mothers and daughters, but also about fathers and daughters, grandparents and daughters, close friendships, tight-knit communities, and so much more. Here’s a video that shows a good example.

It’s true I’ve never been a Gilmore Girl, but someday my boys may bring home a female significant other. There’s still hope that I’ll be a Gilmore Girl yet. I’m not in any hurry for it to happen, but I do look forward to it. Whenever that day comes, I will happily introduce them to Lorelai, Rory, Emily, Sookie Saint James, Paris, and all the rest of the cast.


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